After nearly 30 years operating in a single location near Chicago, T.A.C. Inc. embarked on an expansion program in the early '90s that recently has taken the tank washing company all the way to the West Coast.

With the new regulations governing food-grade tank washing, we saw a good opportunity in Southern California and decided to open a wash rack in. Anaheim," says Ed McCarthy T.A.C. President."It looks as though the move was a good one."

McCarthy built the original T.A.C. wash in Summit, Illinois, in 1968. 'The rack was used originally for washing tanks in a fleet I was operating at the time," McCarthy says. "It was ahead of its time back then and we began cleaning a few tanks for competitors. Now we're a totally commercial wash rack."

In 1990, construction was started on a new 3 bay food-grade wash rack on a six-acre site purchased by the company two blocks away from the original rack. This rack opened in 1992. A fourth bay was opened in January 1995 and a fifth bay in 2004.

Early in 1992, the original plant was completely renovated. A new 100 horsepower Cleaver Brooks Boiler had previously been added with a second boiler of the same size used as a backup. Stainless steel hot water, detergent, and caustic tanks were added, along with a new electrical system and improved pump configuration. This rack is now used only for chemical tank washes.

In 1995, TAC began leasing and eventually purchased our 2nd chemical tank wash facility also located on 59th St. in Summit IL.

TAC now has 6 chemical bays and 5 food grade wash bays on 59th St. at 2 different locations. In 2003, Tac completed the construction of a new 4 bay chemical facility in Channahon, IL 60410. In 2015 T.A.C. Joliet opened two Food Grade bays.

The management staff at T.A.C. are well seasoned professionals eager to service their customers and make sure top of the line service is provided consistently.


During his 40 years in business, he passed his extensive knowledge to his staff who will continue to serve you for years to come.

Edward J. McCarthy
July 19, 1936 - March 24, 2009
Founder & President of TAC Inc.


Janet McCarthy - President of T.A.C. - Janet has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Janet can be reached at 708-458-5650 or by e-mail at janet@tacinc.com


Joseph Tyszko - Vice president of T.A.C.

Joe's primary responsibilities include overall management of all our facilities and the accounts serviced there

Joe can be contacted at 708-458-5650 or by e-mail at joe@tacinc.com


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